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Why Those Cute Pajamas Are More Important Than You Think

Everyday wellness is all about finding ways to take care of yourself every day. Of course, some of the biggest areas of personal wellness are to be found in getting the right exercise and eating well. But personal wellness is more than just those big things: it’s about finding the everyday things that make us feel good and inspire us to live as our best selves.

One of the important ways of taking care of our everyday wellness is through upgrading our sleeping environment. From cute pajamas to the perfect percale sheets, a decorative pillow to linen guest towels, what we wear and use at night can make a big difference to how life goes during the day.

Cute Pajamas

When you get to that moment when it’s time to go to bed, most of us are too tired to really care what we’re putting on. If we’re honest, a lot of us are either absorbed with our devices or with some kind of work until we’re so exhausted that we’re lucky to even get our teeth brushed before we pass out. Something like Victorian sleepwear seems like an extravagance that we have no time for.

Yet feeling good on the inside starts with feeling good on the outside. Putting on a sexy outfit, comfortable and flattering loungewear, or cute pajamas helps us feel better about ourselves and can begin a cycle of better habits, more confidence, more good habits, more confidence. Even something as simple as monogramming can make an enormous difference in how a person feels about themselves, and some cute pajamas can be just the thing for better everyday wellness.

Nestle Between the Sheets

Nearly 75% of people say that they sleep better when their night is spent on sheets with a fresh scent. This is one of the reasons cotton has always been valued was a sleeping fabric, in addition to its coolness and comfort. Percale, a word that gets thrown around in reference to sheets a lot, refers to any cotton that has been woven with a thread count of 200 or higher. Thread count is simply the number of threads that are woven into a square inch of any fabric. The higher the thread count, generally speaking, the more durable the cotton and the more likely it is to resist pilling and feel satiny.

High-quality percale sheets can also go a long way to making us feel more at ease and ready to sleep. The synthetic materials that cheap sheets are made from often come with chemicals and additives, and these can irritate your skin or even cause allergic reactions that you aren’t entirely conscious of. This can insidiously lower the quality of your sleep. At the same time, these materials don’t provide you with the durability and thermal qualities that make for great sleeping.

If you want better sleep, it’s a smart idea to get good sleepwear and good sheets. With better sleep comes more rest, more confidence, and a better quality of life. A pair of cute pajamas might just be more crucial to your wellness than you think.

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