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Understanding the Basics of Melamine Dishes

Melamine dinnerware sets

When it comes to melamine, many people don’t quite understand its many uses. Melamine is a substance that’s used for many types of dinnerware sets, such as melamine cereal bowls, and rustic melamine dinnerware.

Some consumers are concerned with the safety of melamine, but research has proven that melamine is safe to be used in dinnerware and dishes. People claim that the substance can migrate from the dishes into the food, but research has shown that that’s not a real risk.

Despite the research done on melamine, it does have its limitations. When highly acidic foods are heated to very high temperatures — 160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher — the amount of melamine that can migrate out of the plastic may rise. This means that foods and drinks should never be heated using dinnerware that contains melamine in a microwave oven. For microwave oven use, only ceramic or other microwave-save cookware should be used. However, once properly heated, the food can then be served with dishes that contain the substance.

The fact is, the uses for melamine are very versatile. Not only that, but it’s much cheaper than dinnerware made of other materials. Investing in melamine dinnerware allows you to save money while still keeping meals classy. A lot of melamine dinnerware has a China-like appearance, and some of it also contains bright and vibrant colors that are suitable for any holiday or special occasion.

Melamine is also nearly indestructible. Its strength is due to the fact that it’s created by mixing melamine resin with a combination of strengthening materials. It can be dropped without cracking, breaking, or shattering, and it’s scratch resistant as well. Melamine is also able to withstand high temperatures without getting hot itself, so it’s ideal for waiters who serve hot meals. But, melamine is also ideal for cold food uses because of its insulating properties. This means that it’s perfect for any cold application from salad bars and deli displays to buffets.

Finally, melamine is great because it’s so easy to clean. It should be handled like any other dinnerware. Just avoid using a harsh abrasive like steel wool.

Ultimately, melamine offers countless benefits that everyone should be aware of. Invest in some melamine cereal bowls today.

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