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Quirky Home Office Ideas for a Cozy and Efficient Space

Home offices became all the rage with a global pandemic weighing down on many people and plenty of questions about the future of work itself. Many people made the transition to working from home, and plenty have not looked back even once. They want to remain as a work-from-home employee for as long as possible, perhaps even forever. Thus, it is understandable that many people are looking for ways to create a home office experience that is truly unique. We want to run through some of the ideas for how to build the perfect home office to suit your needs, and we think that we have some fantastic quirky home office ideas you can utilize in your own space.

Purchase a Corner Desk for Double the Space

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You can add additional space to your home office by purchasing a corner desk that doesn’t occupy such a large and prominent amount of space right in the middle of the office. Plenty of people make the mistake of getting a traditional desk and then getting upset when it is taking up a considerable amount of space in their office. What they don’t seem to understand is that they are complaining about a problem that they could just fix. The best workaround for this issue is to purchase a corner desk that takes up just a fraction of the space that a traditional desk does. You choose the corner that you like best for it, and then just sit there to get all of your work accomplished. You aren’t giving anything up as you will still have plenty of space to put everything you need on that desk, but you just won’t take up as much room with the desk as you otherwise might.

Add More Windows for Exquisite Views

Whether you live in a mountain home or in the center of a city, you want some great views from your home office. You just need to have the desire to look out your window and see what is out there for you to observe. You might not think of it as being among the quirky home office ideas, but adding some windows to your home office is something that people may question at first. They might ask, isn’t an office about concentration, not looking out the window? But you can reply that having windows and brief distractions is actually good for long-term focus, and there is nothing wrong with cutting yourself a break now and then to see all of the beauty that our Earth has to offer. This might all sound a little like some head-in-the-clouds type of statements, but the truth is that you will greatly appreciate the short breaks you get to take from your work, and windows are a great way to make that happen.

Purchase a Unique Keyboard For Your Computer

A computer is an absolute must for today’s home office, and that means that a keyboard to go along with it is also a must-have. Luckily, there are a lot of keyboards available today that can help those suffering from arthritis or other ailments get the exact experience that they need to have a great time typing. These keyboards are meant to protect them from the worst of this ailment, and they are designed to make typing on them for extended periods of time not that big of a deal. The comfort comes from the engineering that is put into them, and users will appreciate the difference that they can experience when they put in the time and money to purchase a keyboard that was designed specifically for them and their needs.

Invest In Hardwood Floors

On your list of quirky home office ideas for your home renovation, don’t forget about the floor beneath you. Some might think that just because many work in virtual offices away from other people that they can get away with not having to do much about the floors beneath them, but that is not the case. The truth is, a hardwood floor experience in your office is likely to add to your satisfaction with that office, and that may help you stay in there longer and get more things done.

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle to our productivity is to get ourselves motivated to the point where we actually want to step up and get things done. It is a constant battle that we all fight with ourselves, but the fight does not have to be waged without good flooring. You can and should consider putting money down for hardwood floors in the office. Not only will you love it, but it is one of the quirky home office ideas that will add value to your home if and when you decide to sell it.

Add an Eye-Catching Rug

A rug can make all of the difference for you when you get those hardwood floors installed. You love to look at the hardwood floors, but one of your quirky home office ideas should be to add a rug that can help bring the look of the room altogether for you. When you select that one-of-a-kind rug, you will also want to pick up the best carpet cleaner that you can find in the store as well.

Of course, the purpose of the best carpet cleaner is to keep the rug in pristine condition just like when you first pick it up from the store. You have already invested so much time in getting the rug picked out that it would be a shame for you to have something happen to it that causes it to be unusable or otherwise set you back in some way. Doesn’t it sound a lot better to just get a product that can keep it clean and in good shape for a long time? This is one of those quirky home office ideas that actually benefit you greatly over time.

Purchase a Retro Mini Fridge

Out of everything that we have mentioned so far in our list of quirky home office ideas, this one is probably the quirkiest yet. You can and should purchase a retro mini fridge that can help you keep cold drinks on tap whenever you need them. You can even store your Danish Kringle in your mini-fridge for a mid-day snack!

People tend to want both things to be true when they put down good money for something, and there is no question that both things are true of this fridge. You can use it as a great talking piece for guests, but you will also appreciate the fact that it helps bring together the entire room in a way that you had not imagined possible. Given that you are likely to spend so much time in the office these days, doesn’t it just make sense that you would want to have a mini-fridge at your disposal to have your drinks right when you need them? That is the way that many people are starting to think about it, and you can too. You might as well make it as comfortable as possible given the amount of time that you are likely to spend in there going forward.

Set Up a Hanging Hammock Chair for Relaxation

It can be said that quirky home office ideas can sometimes lead to improvements in our overall health. It is entirely reasonable that a person would want to take care of their mental health during the difficult times that we are facing as a world right now. Many people just need to take some time for themselves and spend a few moments reflecting on their lives and how they have gotten to where they are now. It is a great thing to do while swinging in a hammock chair in the office.

Hammock chairs provide a comfortable place to sit while at the same time offering a gentle swinging motion that most people absolutely love. It means that a person can take a few moments to swing in their chair and not have to think about the stresses of their job or the particular issues that they are facing at this time. Thus, many have rushed out to purchase these chairs as they are both highly comfortable and very fashionable for any home office.

Hang a Large Decorative Yet Purposeful Calendar On One Wall

Sometimes the quirky home office ideas that we come up with are simply highly useful to the individual that actually goes through with them. Take the idea of getting a useful calendar to hang up on the wall. Why would you not want to do that? You can put it up there to remind you of important meetings and appointments that you have. Perhaps you need to remember to go to the eye doctor. If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be helpful to see that written out on your calendar? Most people would greatly benefit from that, and that is why it is recommended as one of the quirky home office ideas that you can use today. You don’t have to always think about things in such a linear way if you have a calendar to back you up and provide you with the information that you require.

Just remember to put your important appointments and dates on that calendar at the beginning of the month so you don’t forget to do so after some time. You see, if you spend your time wisely now taking care of that, then it won’t be such a burden down the line when you are trying to remember what you need to do next.

Install Pastel Shelves and Add Small Trinkets for Aesthetics

Nothing livens up a room like having some of your favorite trinkets to eye throughout the workday. It is not so much about actually using these things for any real purpose, but it is about having them visible to you so that you can appreciate them for all that they are. As silly as it might sound, having those trinkets around can actually be a boon to your mental health, and we could all use a little boost to our mental health these days. As such, you might consider installing some pastel shelves that you can put your soy wax candles and other knick-knacks on.

Why should the shelves be pastel and why the soy wax candles, you might ask? The reason for these specific choices is because pastel colors are something that the human eye tends to appreciate and gravitate towards. You don’t want to look away from them once you have seen them. They add a little splash of joy to your life, and that is something beautiful all by itself. Add to that the fact that pastel colors tend to go whichever color scheme you have going in your office to begin with, and it all starts to make a lot more sense. You can throw those pastel shelves up and have them blend in just perfectly with whatever you had going on before they came into play.

Build Cubbies With Fun Handles for Storage Purposes

Finally, we always want to add as much storage space to our home offices as we can. This includes building cubbies to add extra space to the room itself. You see, the cubbies are designed in such a way that they add some extra places to store away important documents, trinkets, your cutlery, or anything else that might accumulate in an office. It is a lot better to have a specific place to store each and every item in the home office rather than to just throw everything on a desk or some other workaround.

It is a good idea to look at cubbies and other solutions as a way to fix the problem of clutter in your home office. Remember, you can handle everything that is thrown your way if you are willing to get organized and have a plan. You can take an afternoon to get some cubbies built into the office, and then you won’t have to worry about the clutter so much going forward.

Here are some of the top quirky home office ideas that remote workers should consider when crafting their own space to work in. With a cozy and efficient space, remote work will be more enjoyable over time.

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