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New Homeowners Guide to Getting the Perfect Bathroom Facelift

When getting a bathroom facelift, the process can be daunting, especially for new homeowners. You may be confused, not knowing who to call, how to budget, and how to plan properly to get the best results. Here’s a comprehensive guide for getting the perfect bathroom facelift as a new homeowner. Let’s jump into it!

Why Do a Bathroom Facelift?

Despite its importance, the bathroom is frequently neglected during remodeling projects. However, if you want to refresh your bathroom’s aesthetics, you should plan on doing a professional bathroom facelift. Painting, installing new flooring, and changing out light fixtures are all simple ways to make visible bathroom improvements. You can take your bathroom design to the next level by installing a new mirror, shower curtains, bathmats, towel rings, and other decorative accents. Ideally, experts recommend the installation of shiny bathroom fixtures because it has great potential to transform any type of bathroom.

How To Get a Perfect Bathroom Facelift

Admittedly, the greatest focus of bathroom facelifting is not to improve overall appearance alone. Most people do bathroom facelifts to install new furnishings and other modern bathroom accessories. Bathrooms that haven’t been updated in a long time benefit greatly from installing all-new fixtures, appliances, and furniture. It’s also a good idea to replace or at least remove any cracked, damaged, or otherwise unusable bathroom furniture, such as bathroom vanities or side tables, during a bathroom makeover.

It’s possible that your existing bathroom design isn’t functional for your household, whether it’s the layout or the lack of storage space. Therefore, you can give your bathroom a makeover that will make it better suited to your requirements and more comfortable for you and your family. To get a modern style, you can update the bathroom lighting, paint or replace the cabinets, and add some finishing touches. Finally, updating your bathroom is a worthwhile expenditure. A modern and attractive bathroom increases a home’s resale value. Bathrooms that have been updated to appear more appealing to purchasers will sell faster and are likely to generate a good return on investment.

Consult With Professional Contractors

If you want to do a quality bathroom facelift project, you need a skilled bathroom contractor because they have a lot of knowledge and experience that benefits your project. Professional bathroom contractors are well-versed in the field and can help you maximize the potential of your current bathroom setup. They’ll ensure you have the best design, materials, and fittings within your budgetary plans. Facelifting a bathroom is a labor-intensive project that requires a wide variety of specialists. Furthermore, you must work with a licensed contractor who will oversee the project from start to the end, ensuring everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Remember that you also need professional contractors for bathroom facelifting since they will help you acquire the required work permits.

When it comes to kitchen and bath renovation projects, you will get what you pay for. Therefore, if you want an attractive and long-lasting bathroom, you should consult and hire professionals who use high-quality materials and safe building processes. Besides ensuring that you get quality work, professional constructors will also offer you peace of mind. Skilled contractors handle everything from the initial planning stages to the final cleanup to guarantee that your bathroom renovation is finished on schedule and within your set budget. Generally, if you want a successful bathroom upgrade that won’t strain your pockets or your mind, you should consult a professional contractor to help you out.

Consider Your Aesthetic Preferences

Before the whole project of the bathroom facelift gets started, you should explain the bathroom design you want to the contractor. Everyone would love to have a good-looking home, and if you don’t inform the bathroom contractors about the style you need for your bath, you will compromise on aesthetic preferences. For example, if you would prefer your bathroom to have marble countertops, you should inform the contractors before they acquire the wrong supplies. Even if you are buying the renovation materials yourself, you should first inquire whether they will offer a good match to the design you want.

Sometimes you might realize that you have a good idea of what you want and don’t want in a bathroom, but how can you explain it to a designer? Without resorting to a shared session on Pinterest, a quick discussion about one’s preferred styles may go a long way toward conveying your preferred bathroom’s taste. After learning more about your unique style preferences, the bathroom designer should help you further customize and improve the look of your bathroom. If you want a bathroom with a coastal design, you can install the coastal theme wallpaper.

Farmhouse is a prominent bathroom design that draws inspiration from rural settings and typically uses salvaged materials and vintage pieces. White and retro fixtures like sinks and claw foot tubs may give the farmhouse bathroom a more contemporary look. On the other hand, the contemporary or modern bathroom style focuses on aesthetics and practicality. The modern design of your bathroom should be characterized by minimal ornamentation, sharp edges, and an uncluttered layout. You may wish to talk to your designer about modern bathroom trends such as a no-bathtub bathroom and doorless shower to make the right choice.

Make the Room Feel Larger With Glass Installs

Did you know you can make your small bathroom appear larger by installing clear glasses? Bathrooms with transparent glasses allow light to reflex from various edges, therefore, making the bathroom look bigger. Instead of installing a small bathroom mirror near the bath sink, you should consider having a mirror over the whole bathroom wall or at least a more significant space within the same space.

You will find a glass screen that suits your taste and decor, whether you want frameless glass doors with a screen that disappears into the wall or a semi-frameless screen with a more traditional appearance. When it comes to longevity, a glass screen is also a great option. Glass displays are scratch- and shatter-resistant and only require a quick wipe down with a soft cloth to maintain their pristine condition. You also need to consider asking for tiling services after the glass is installed in your bathroom to leave everything in proper condition. Tilling service is paramount because it will ensure that the glass installed is well fixed and the bathroom walls get wet after the overall stability of your structure.

Optimize Your Storage Options (and Make Them Cute)

Storage space is a significant component of any bathroom remodel. Instead of using old, ugly cabinets, why not construct some that are functional and adorable? You should explore the various bathroom storage options to make the most of your wood cabinets and bathroom vanities and make the bath space cuter. A corner cabinet or vanity could be the ideal solution for that dead corner. This will make the most of the space in your bathroom and be an amazing conversation piece.

You should also consider what you’ll put away as you create excellent storage options within your bathroom. Do you have many little things, such as cosmetics and toiletries? Give some thought to how you can store toiletries in the drawers of your bathroom vanities. You should arrange all items logically to help you maintain order and facilitate quick retrieval of any given item. Open shelving is another fantastic option to maximize storage space. Wooden shelving or a ladder shelf are both good options. You can use the wooden shelving or ladder shelf to store additional items within your bathroom. The two accessories also have the potential to serve as a display space for things like candles, plants, and artwork.

There are several ways to spruce up your bathroom vanities and wooden cabinets to make them more visually appealing. You could try installing some fancy knobs or pulls made of leather or brass. You can also add wallpaper or tiles to the back of your shelves for a splash of color or pattern. In addition, you can opt to paint or stain your wooden cabinets to match your bathroom design. Be sure to pay attention to the fine print! Changing the look and feel of a bathroom can be as simple as adding some decorative jars or baskets to the vanities. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic method for maintaining order and convenience in your belongings.

Plan Regular Cleanings to Keep It All Like New

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, but it is a sensitive room and must always be maintained clean and organized. You should assume that your bathroom is full of bacteria, even if you can’t detect any odor or unpleasant sights. When you already have clogged drains in your bathroom, it means you have created a good breeding zone for the disease-causing microorganisms to grow. The invisible bacteria will scatter around your bathroom, including the sink, tub, floor, and walls. Because of this, frequent maintenance is essential.

If you don’t keep up with routine cleaning, your bathroom will get smelly. Don’t worry if you have a busy schedule, because there are indoor air quality companies that are always ready to help you maintain a clean and inviting bathroom. They will create a good schedule to frequently clean your whole house, including the bathroom floor and cabinets. You should know that the bathroom is a breeding ground for germs because of the persistent dampness. Therefore, you will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom using a good disinfectant.

Apart from planning to clean your bathroom more regularly after the facelift, you should also ensure the new structure has good ventilation. Mold will easily spread in a poorly maintained bathroom. It might not be a big deal in its early stages, but it will become a health hazard after some time. Finally, when hosting visitors, it’s also nice to have a clean bathroom. Bathroom cleaning detergents that can keep your bathroom spotless and neat include all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting wipes, grout, and toilet cleaner.

How to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful and Functional

A well-designed and well-functioning bathroom is an investment in the value of your house as a whole. It’s crucial to have enough storage alternatives to keep everything tidy and avoid making the bathroom appear smaller and less comfortable. Towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities should be neatly organized in bathroom vanities and wooden cabinets. You may make things more organized and simple to find by installing some shelves or baskets.

Improving your bathroom’s lighting will make a world of difference, both practically and aesthetically. Makeup and shaving will get easier and faster with task lighting near the vanity. Additionally, the spa-like ambiance in your home will be a reality with ambient lighting.

Decorative touches are a great way to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. You can infuse some color and life into your room by arranging plants and flowers. Hanging a mirror within your bathroom space will also create a good visual impact. Since it might not be possible to hang all artwork in your bathroom, you can achieve the same functionality as the art pieces using a rug or some colorful towels.

At the end of the day, remember the finer points. Small details, like candles and a tray for convenience, may have a big impact on how your bathroom looks and feels. Pick out things that brighten your day and give them a good display and accessibility. Finally, the key to a beautiful and practical bathroom is suitable storage, lighting, and design.

If you are a new homeowner interested in a bathroom facelift, you should consult a professional first to discuss your design goals and aesthetic preferences. Bathroom upgrades are important for aesthetic and practical reasons, and they may increase the resale value of your property. In addition, if you have transparent glass screens installed, your bathroom will give the impression of being larger. To ensure quality work and the intended outcomes, remember to utilize high-quality materials and fittings within your budgetary objectives.

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