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How to Make Sure You Impress with That First Impression

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While many of us do not like it, the fact is that first impressions mean a great deal. More than that, they are largely based on appearance. Psychological studies have shown that within seven to seventeen seconds a first impression is basically solidified, and 55% of a person’s opinion of someone is based on the physical appearance of that person.

Sadly, this has likely been the case for centuries. People meet other people and form impressions of them almost immediately. How many of us have been caught off guard or have been too tired to pay close enough attention to the impressions we make, only to find out later that someone got an impression of us that isn’t true? It happens all the time.

There are things one can do, however, that go a long way toward making the kind of impression we really want to make when meeting someone new. Since over half of someone’s first impression of you has to do with your appearance, dressing yourself for success can be key.

The right outfit, and fashionable accessories to complete that outfit, can do more to boost the impression you want to make than you might think. In 1930, nine outfits were the average number for women across the United States to have in their closets at home. In today’s world, the number of outfits an average woman has in her closet is thirty. Basically, that comes out to one outfit for every day of the month.

A solid outfit is a great start when wanting to present yourself to someone new or to a room full of new people in a seminar or something similar. What really makes an impression, though, is what type of fashionable accessories you wear to go with that outfit. When you have fashionable accessories to complete an outfit, you are showing those whom you meet that you are creative, bold, and imaginative. That’s a great combination if you want to make a great first impression.

Many women have the outfits but don’t know what to do when trying to accessorize. Let’s say you have figured out how to find your right jean fit but want to do something to accessorize those new jeans. How to decide what belt to wear could depend on a number of factors. Do you have designer shoes to go with those designer jeans? Many people match their belt with their shoes, making the shoes, jeans, and belt all part of the outfit.

When you have put an outfit together where the accessories and the clothes look like they were made to go together and wouldn’t be right if something were missing, you know you’ve got an outfit that will make a solid impression.

In addition to what they are wearing, many women understand that a great purse or handbag can be an extension of their personality. The colors and fabric and style can really help show off who you really are inside. In 2015, the handbag market in the United States alone reached a whopping $11.5 billion. Without too much effort, a woman can find a great handbag for herself to compliment almost any style.

First impressions can make all the difference at work and in life. Make yours count with the right outfit and fashionable accessories.

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