Here are 3 Ways to Have Custom Printed Shirts Made

One item of clothing that has remained popular for decades are printed tee shirts. Approximately 2 billion t-shirts are sold across the world every year. And in the United States in particular, over 60 percent of Americans claim to have over ten t-shirts in their closet. Printed tee shirts are very popular because they’re a great way to represent your favorite band, a movie you like, or an organization you belong to, just to name a few reasons. There are several ways to have custom printed shirts made and this article will look at a few of those ways.

  • Heat Pressed Tee Shirt: One way to have custom printed shirts made are heat pressed tee shirts. This kind of tee shirt is made when images are transferred onto blank tee shirts via a device known as a heat press, which uses heat to press the image into the fabric. Heat pressed t-shirts are relatively easy to make if there are custom design t-shirts you want to have made. And realistically, there are no limits on the designs that can be created on tee shirts using a heat press.
  • Embroidered tee shirts: Another way to have custom printed shirts made are to order embroidered tee shirts. Unlike heat presses or screen printing, embroidered tee shirts are made by having words or designs sewn into the fabric. An embroidered design will automatically stand out from the other types of custom tee shirts because it uses embroidery to create the image. Embroidered tee shirts are somewhat limited in the designs they can make, however they are still perfect for certain situations.
  • Screen Printed T-shirt: A third way to have custom printed tee shirts made is to order screen printed tee shirts. Screen printing, unlike the other two methods of creating tee shirt designs, is made by using a wire mesh screen to transfer an inked image onto the t shirt fabric. Screen printing on fabric has been around for a hundreds of years and is reliably used to create custom tee shirts to this day.

In conclusion, there are several ways to have custom printed tee shirts made. These ways include heat pressed tee shirts, embroidered tee shirts, and screen printed tee shirts. By using any of these methods, you can easily create custom tee shirts to match whatever you need.

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