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Four Benefits Of Tactical Clothing

The tactical and service clothing manufacturing industry does nearly $950 million in revenue annually.

With more than 660,000 police and sheriffs patrol officers in the United States as of 2017, it’s not at all hard to see why. Tactical and service clothing offers plenty of benefits including better flexibility, offers more protection, better visibility and more storage space. Whether you’re working in law enforcement and need durable boots, working as a firefighter in need of crucial pieces of EMS tactical gear or a paramedic in need of medical carrying equipment and gear, tactical clothing offers something for everyone.

Of course, wearing a uniform on the job helps make employees of a certain industry more identifiable, but tactical gear gives those working in the field some practical clothing they can wear on the job. Benefits of tactical clothing include:

  • Protection: Depending on where they work, paramedics with medical carrying equipment or police officers with their full gear have to deal with a variety of different situations and the elements. Not only might they be working in a dangerous area, but they might be working in extreme heat or extreme cold. Tactical clothing can help employees in many industries battle the elements while keeping them as comfortable and safe as possible. For instance if you’re a paramedic wearing EMS tactical gear, you can do your job knowing you’ll be comfortable and better protected.
  • Flexibility: High quality tactical gear gives workers a chance to be able to move around and be comfortable, which is ideally what you’re looking for on the job. If you’re an EMT with medical carrying equipment or a police officer carrying handcuffs and other tools of the trade, it can be a lot to handle. With so much equipment to carry and deal with, you absolutely need to be able to move around a little bit. This is especially important when a situation changes from calm to chaotic in mere seconds. Workers need to be able to react and be able to move quickly and comfortably and items like EMS tactical gear allow for that to happen.
  • Better visibility: When it comes to working in the field and being in the line of duty, folks like police officers, paramedics and security guards have to undoubtedly walk a fine line when it comes to being seen. They don’t want to be too visible to avoid being seen by criminals, but they have to make themselves visible to avoid being injured in traffic or in other hazardous situations such as during an emergency response. EMS tactical uniforms and tactical uniforms for police officers find a happy middle ground in the middle of those two extremes.
  • More storage: Another benefit of EMS tactical gear and service clothing is that it offers plenty of space for storage. In the line of duty and on a daily basis, workers like paramedics, police and firefighters are carrying lots of pieces of equipment because it takes a lot to do what they do. Tactical clothing gives workers more than enough room to slip all the essentials they need into various pockets. The more room they have, they easier and faster they can reach the important tools they need on a consistent basis. Think about all the medical equipment a paramedic in the field carries around on a regular basis: bandages, medications, a defibrillator and IV administering system among many other items. It’s a lot to keep track of, but tactical equipment can make it a lot easier, regardless of what line of work you might be in.

If you work in job where you’re constantly on the go and in need of better protection in the line of duty, tactical clothing is just what you need to do the best job you can. It offers the right balance of visibility, plenty of space to cart around all your Important tools, offers a greater level of comfort and mostly importantly, it keeps you protected on the job. Contact a tactical and service apparel shop such as Eleven 10 for all your tactical gear needs. Do yourself a favor and keep yourself safe on the job.

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