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Custom Apparel Makes Advertising Easy and Affordable!

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Are you a business owner or member of an organization looking for unique promotional items or products to give to your team? Perhaps it’s time that you consider customized apparel! Choosing to purchase customized apparel rather than other promotional or team building products gives you an edge through design and quality. Today, with the ability to order screen printing and embroidery apparel online, you can design your own layout or work with an expert on how to best utilize space for your logo, etc. Here are a few of the most popular custom apparel products:

1. T-Shirts – Everyone seems to have a favorite t-shirt. Maybe it’s a shirt that reminds you of a certain event you attended, or maybe it’s just a comfortable shirt. The good news for you as a business owner is that nearly 60% of consumers in the United States say that they tend to favor companies that previously gave them a promotional t-shirt. In fact, 95% of consumers in the Midwest specifically remember the brands who gave them a custom t-shirt. The amount of money you will spend on customized apparel like t-shirts will be minimal compared to the amount of money you can potentially make with the new customers you generate.

2. Polo Shirts – Another extremely popular piece of customized apparel that companies today are purchasing more and more is the polo shirt. If you are looking to outfit a sales team to go visit a potential client or even if you are getting a group of employees together for a competitive golf game against other businesses in your area, polo shirts are a great way to make sure they look sharp. Embroidery stitching on polo shirts is a great way to incorporate the exact logo or design that you are looking for.

3. Hats – Custom designed hats are great not only for promotional products, but also for school teams, clubs, and other groups. Over half of consumers recently surveyed stated that ended up doing business with the advertiser that provided them with a promotional product. Hats, like t-shirts, are also forms of affordable advertising. Think of how many people will see your logo when someone who just received one of your promotional hats walks into the local mall or sporting arena.

Whether you choose to purchase custom t-shirts, polo shirts, or hats, customized apparel is a great way to get your company, school group, or club name out to the public. The next time your marketing department or public relations team is working on a new way to reach potential customers ask them to consider customized apparel. You’ll be glad you did!

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