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A Guide for Flawless Transition from Traditional Wallet to Money Clips

Nothing lasts forever, not even trends. Ideally, money has been crucial to man since time immemorial. Therefore, storing it is an issue that hits close to home for many people.
Over time, people have abandoned the traditional wallets for storing money. Instead, they have embraced modern and safer storage means. Money clip to hold cash have come into the picture, and have been adopted for their efficiency.

Advantages of Using Money Clips to Hold Money

They are Tiny

Nobody likes walking around with a bulky wallet. Traditional wallets are bulky, and they can be visible through your pocket, hence posing a security threat. On the other hand, a money clip is an ultra-slim wallet and can fit unnoticed in any pocket. sometimes you don’t even notice you have it yourself.


Although showing off is not the idea behind investing in a beautiful wallet, nobody would mind looking classy and elegant. A money clip gives you some level of sharpness, boosting your self-confidence.


If you own a traditional wallet, chances are, there is so much junk in it. On the other hand, a money clip is minimalist and has less space. Therefore, you are forced to decide what has to go and what will stay. In the process, you get rid of any unnecessary items.

Ease of Customization

We all have personal tastes and preferences. Depending on the money clip to hold cash you choose, you can do quite several things on it. A titanium wallet money clip, for instance, is metallic, as the name suggests. You can also come across a carbon fiber wallet or a resin one.

With all these types, you can go ahead and engrave whatever message you want or even print an image if you wish. The choice is entirely yours. They also come in various colors; hence, you can pick one that matches your personality. A black titanium clip would look classy.


Since this is an ultra-thin wallet, you can fit it in any pocket. Therefore, the size gives you the freedom to store your money clip in the nearest pocket for ease of access. You don’t have to struggle to dig deep into your pockets anymore. Just clip it out of your pocket, pay, and go.

How to Use a Money Clip

If you have not used a money clip to hold cash before, you are probably wondering how one can comfortably use a metallic wallet. Here is how.

Understand Your Money Clip

Typically, a money clip comes in two parts: the main body and a throng. However, other variations of money clips have more than one pockets, while others are fitted with elastic bands. You can use the add-on money clip to store your credit cards safely.

Organize Your Belongings

A money clip is meant to help you stay organized. To achieve peak efficiency, place your bills in order of priority. For instance, place recurring bills at the top, and the more significant, less frequent bills at the bottom. By doing this, you can easily retrieve your bills while making day to day purchases.

Improvise Card Storage

Probably your money clip does not have extra card storage. However, worry no more because you can get creative around it and achieve the desired results. You can slide your cards into your folded stack of money. Now go ahead and secure both the cash and the cards by clipping around it.

Choose a Pocket

Choosing the right pocket is not a light matter, as opposed to what many people may think. In 2017 alone, around 16.7 people were victims of identity fraud. Among those, 16.8% are associated with credit card fraud. That said, we have to do everything in our power to prevent credit card theft.

Before putting your clip in any pocket, consider the pros and the cons. Is it safe enough? Is it comfortable?

Pull What You Need

With a money clip, you don’t have to take out your entire contents. You can pull out the one you need at that particular time and leave the rest intact. You need a little practice. If you have been hesitating to switch from the traditional wallet to a money clip to hold cash, don’t look back anymore.

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