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A Couple’s Guide to Choosing the Best Month to Get Married

Congratulations, lovebirds! You’re engaged and ready to embark on the exciting journey of wedding planning. Among the myriad of decisions you’ll make, one of the most significant is choosing the perfect month to tie the knot. Your wedding month sets the tone for your big day and can impact everything from the weather to the availability of your favorite flowers. To help you navigate this important decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to choosing the best month for your wedding.

Consider the Weather:

The weather is a crucial factor to take into consideration when selecting your wedding month. Your chosen location and the time of year will largely dictate the climate you can expect.

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If you dream of exchanging vows in an outdoor ceremony or capturing stunning outdoor portraits, aim for a month with mild temperatures and minimal rainfall.

On the other hand, if you prefer the comfort of an indoor venue, you may have more flexibility in choosing your wedding month. For couples drawn to the romance of snowfall, this presents a unique opportunity to embrace the enchantment of winter and create a magical atmosphere within the cozy confines of a winter wedding venue.

No matter your preferences, be sure to research typical weather patterns for each month and consider factors such as humidity, wind, and the likelihood of extreme weather events.

Sunset Timing for Photography:

For couples who prioritize stunning wedding photos, the timing of the sunset is important. The golden hour before sunset bathes outdoor scenes in soft, flattering light, perfect for capturing romantic portraits.

Consider the seasonality of your chosen month and how it aligns with the timing of the sunset. Winter months typically have earlier sunsets, while summer months offer longer daylight hours. If capturing dreamy sunset shots is high on your priority list, aim for a month with favorable sunset timing or plan for a first look to maximize your photo opportunities.

Honeymoon Plans:

Your wedding month not only marks the beginning of your marriage but also sets the stage for your honeymoon. Take your desired honeymoon destination into account and how it aligns with the timing of your wedding.

Research factors such as weather, tourist seasons, and travel costs to ensure a seamless and enjoyable honeymoon experience. Whether you’re dreaming of a tropical beach getaway or a European adventure, selecting the right wedding month can enhance your honeymoon experience and create lasting memories.

Flower Availability:

Flowers play a significant role in wedding decor, bouquets, and centerpieces. When choosing your wedding month, consider the seasonality of flowers to ensure access to your favorite blooms and avoid inflated prices.

Certain flowers are more readily available and affordable during specific times of the year. For example, spring weddings offer an abundance of options, such as delicate cherry blossoms, fragrant lilacs, and, of course, the coveted peonies. Summer brides can enjoy vibrant blooms like roses, hydrangeas, and sunflowers, perfect for creating colorful and cheerful arrangements.

Autumn weddings boast a rich palette of hues with flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and calla lilies adding warmth and depth to the d├ęcor. Meanwhile, winter weddings can embrace the elegance of amaryllis, anemones, and ranunculus, bringing a touch of sophistication to the festivities.

Do your research and consult with your florist to determine the best month for your floral vision. Whether you dream of a spring garden affair adorned with blooming peonies or an autumn celebration featuring rustic bouquets of dahlias and eucalyptus, picking the right wedding month can help bring your floral fantasies to life.

Personal Commitments and Stress Levels:

Amidst wedding planning, it’s essential to factor in your existing commitments and stress levels when choosing your wedding month. Avoid months with heavy work or personal obligations that could detract from the joy of your wedding day.

Opt for a month when you can fully immerse yourself in the wedding planning process and savor every moment leading up to your special day. By selecting a low-stress month, you can prioritize self-care and enjoy a smoother wedding planning experience.

Cost Considerations:

While cost shouldn’t be the sole determinant of your wedding month, it’s an important factor to consider. Off-peak months may offer discounted rates for venues and vendors, potentially saving you money on your overall wedding budget.

However, be mindful of the trade-offs, such as weather and availability, that may accompany off-peak months. Strike a balance between cost considerations and your wedding vision to choose the best month for your budget and preferences.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the best month to get married is a deeply personal decision that reflects your unique preferences, priorities, and vision for your wedding day. By considering factors such as weather, sunset timing, honeymoon plans, flower availability, personal commitments, and costs, you can choose the perfect month to say “I do” and set off on your lifelong journey as a married couple.


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