8 Swag Ideas That Work

It is no secret that people love to get things for free. That is the main reason companies give out stuff with their name on it. The problem is that there are a lot of ways to go and a lot of options to consider when picking out great swag to give away. You can give out custom promotional beach towels; wearables such as hats, t-shirts, and jackets; pens; beverage bottles and more. Here are what ex[erts say work best in the battle of the best swag:

  1. Apparel and beach towels. Just about all of these items are ones that you know will be used. If you opt for custom promotional beach towels, you know that they will be taken to the beach or pool and people will take notice. T-shirts may not offer the same amount of space for your logo or message as custom promotional beach towels but they will be worn. By some estimates, most Americans have a plethora of t-shirts in their dressers and they are beloved items.
  2. Give them Bluetooth, and they will use it. Most everyone loves Bluetooth. There are a lot of options here, as well. One Bluetooth option that always goes over well and is not too pricey is the pair of Bluetooth headphones. Everyone can use another set of these.
  3. Beverage bottles. People love to carry around water, coffee, or whatever their preferred beverage is. more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and do not want to carry around the disposable bottles so the time is great to give out some reusable beverage bottles. They will be used at the gym, around town, and everywhere a person wants to have their beverage. So that means everywhere!
  4. Everyone needs a new bag. These never go out of fashion because there are so many to choose from. Whether you opt for a backpack, book bag, or duffel, if you give these away with your logo on them, people will use them and they will be seen by would-be customers or clients. These are also great because they are easy to move around. People can fold them up and tuck them into their main bag or they can be used to carry what they already have.
  5. Give them a way to charge their devices on the go. The days of not having some kind of power source with you almost all of the time are over. Now people carry multiple devices that all need power to work. From smartphones to tablets, people like to stay connected on the go. Portable chargers can be used by just about everybody and can help you spread the word about your company.
  6. Feed your people. If you are giving away your swag at a conference or festival, you may want to think about giving away branded snacks. In both conferences and festivals, people get hungry. This may not give your swag the lifespan that things such as custom promotional beach towels, but they will be appreciated. Snacks such as trail mix can give conference or festival attendees the boost of energy they need to get through the long day.
  7. Go for better quality sunglasses. While in days past people used to get so many cheap pairs of sunglasses and conferences and festivals that they became pretty ubiquitous. While you may not want to go that route for your company swag, the idea is still viable. If you opt to buy more expensive sunglasses that are polarized, you will be giving people an item they can use and are more likely to use because they are better for the eyes.
  8. Give out toiletries. In both the conference and festival setting, these can be lifesavers. There are also a lot of options. For people who have traveled to attend the conference or festival, toothbrushes, soap, hand sanitizers may be just the thing that is needed. Like the snacks, you know people who take this kind of swag will use and appreciate it.

There are a number of great reasons to give out swag such as custom promotional beach towels and chargers. The first is that if this is the first time someone is hearing about you, the first impression is positive. Secondly, they will use it and help spread the word.

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