5 Questions About Skin Care

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Cosmetic procedures for your face are one of the best ways to reverse the signs of aging. The qualified medical professionals who can do botox, chemical peels, and take care of your crows feet and those fine lines and wrinkles that are a natural part of getting older.

  • What causes my skin to have issues as I get older? The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that more than 90% of all the changes to our skin that we usually think is a matter of age is actually caused by constant exposure to the sun over time. If a person regularly uses a sunscreen with a protective rating of at least SPF 15, they will normally show about 24% less evidence of skin aging than people who aren’t using daily sunscreen protection.
  • What kind of skin damage does exposure to the sun and aging cause? Just about the most common issue is wrinkles. Wrinkles come in two basic types. The first is caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. This causes fine surface lines to appear in the exposed skin. The second type of wrinkles is caused by regular muscle contraction. These wrinkles appear as deep furrows and are usually most noticeable on the face around the eyes and mouth. Qualified medical professionals are able to use fillers and other FDA-approved treatments to help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • What can I do to stop wrinkles in the first place? There are plenty of products on the market, and lots of qualified medical professionals in the skin care industry who can help you make those wrinkles look better. In 2013, the market for anti-aging skin care products generated over $2 billion in retail sales alone! The best way to avoid the wrinkles in the first place is to keep away from the sun. This means finding shade whenever possible, using a good sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, and wearing clothes that protect you from the sun.
  • What can be done about other kinds of skin issues? There are other things besides wrinkles that can make skin look unsightly. Rosacea is a condition that the National Rosacea Society estimates 16 million people suffer from in the United States, and millions more in temporary remission. Acne is another common cause of unsightly skin issues, with more than 40% of people in their mid-teens suffering acne or acne scars that need treatment by a qualified medical professional like a dermatologist. In 2004 alone, Americans spent well over $2 billion in treatments for acne.
  • Can a dermatologist do anything about my unwanted hair? Another reason to see a qualified medical professional for skin issues is unsightly hair. The America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that last year a million laser hair removal treatments were performed in America In fact, laser hair removal is the most commonly sought aesthetic procedure for a woman under the age of 35. For those over that age, it’s second only to Botox treatments. Laser hair removal is effective, with most people seeing permanent hair loss after three to eights sessions.

There’s a lot that can be done about distressing skin issues, from the ravages of aging and sun exposure to unwanted skin, acne scarring, and treatment of conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Great skin makes you feel confident, so if you’re unhappy with the skin your in, don’t hesitate to find a qualified medical professional in your area. A good dermatologist can give you all the possibilities for rejuvenating your skin and giving you confidence in how you look.

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