What is High Visibility Clothing?

High visibility clothing

High visibility clothing can come in handy for a variety of reasons, and for a variety of situations. High visibility (Hi Vis) clothing can be very beneficial for those working in construction or other fields where work involves being near moving vehicles or dark areas and employees need to be able to be easily seen. However, there are other situations and occupations where Hi Vis clothing, like Hi Vis work jackets, Hi Vis waistcoats, and Hi Vis button up shirts might come in handy, including when cyclists are going for a ride at night.

Here are five different situations where high visibility work wear and clothing can come in handy.

1. Cycling at night

Cyclists who are training for a triathlon or other competition might choose to ride in the early hours of the morning or at night, especially during warmer months where temperatures are cooler during these times. The risk of riding at this time of the day or night is that there might not be enough light for people who are driving by to see cyclists while they are on the road or riding down a path. By wearing pieces of clothing like hi vis waistcoats, a high visibility jacket, or hi is pants, drivers can see them more easily and help ensure their safety.

2. Construction workers

This is one field that involves a lot of moving parts, and this job might also take place near a road or an area where they are people driving by. Construction might also require people to drive tractors and other mobile equipment, and in order to ensure the safety of their coworkers, everyone should be wearing hi vis waistcoats, pants, jackets, or vests so that everyone can see each other and avoid accidents.

3. Airline mechanics and pilots

Airline mechanics, and sometimes pilots, have to go around and do inspections of the planes before takeoff to ensure that all equipment looks okay to go before a captain takes off for a flight. In order to make sure no one gets hurt on the runway, these personnel members should all be wearing high visibility clothing.

4. Railroad workers

Similar to how pilots and airline mechanics needs to wear high visibility clothing to ensure those operating moving equipment can see them, railroad workers need to be sure to wear high visibility clothing in order to ensure their safety since they are working so close to trains that may be operating. To avoid accidents, all railroad workers should wear high visibility clothing that is bright and reflective, separating them from the background of the rails and other equipment so that train conductors can see them and avoid a tragedy.

5. School crossing guards

This occupation involved men and women standing in the street in order to stop traffic and allow for schoolchildren to cross the road without getting hurt. All school crossing guards should be wearing high visibility clothing in order to make it easy for all cars to see them in the road in order to protect their safety and the safety of those crossing the street.

These are just five examples of how high visibility clothing can help those working in different occupations. How can high visibility clothing help you? Let us know in the comments below!

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