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Tips For Upgrading Your Garage and Yard

The exterior of your home can significantly impact the value of your property. The landscaping alone can add up to 14% to your home’s resale value. Your yard and garage are the first things potential buyers see when making a decision to purchase. By focusing on these two areas, you can make a fantastic first impression and boost your profits when you decide to sell. Here are the best landscape design ideas for upgrading your garage and yard.

What’s Going in the Garage?

You can begin your upgrades by inspecting the garage to find out what’s going on with its current condition. If it’s like many typical garages, it may be filled with used cars and things you rarely use. You may want to go through your garage and clear out the clutter. Donate or throw away items you no longer want or need. For example, you may want to put up that used boat for sale that you haven’t used for years.

Organize what’s left by separating what’s left into different categories. Put similar items together based on seasonal use and put the items you currently use in front. Determine if you need storage and shelving systems to keep things neat and easily accessible. One upgrade you can consider is overhead storage racks to give you more floor space. Make a list of items you may need to stock up on to set yourself up when working on the best landscape ideas for your yard.

best landscape design ideas

Garage Repair

Once you have everything cleared out of your garage, look for signs of damage that needs repair. Check the garage floor for drainage issues and water damage or mold on the walls. If you notice these issues, you may need to hire a licensed contractor to make the necessary repairs. While they’re making these repairs, you may want them to add insulation to help you save money on your energy bills. You may also want to consider having an electrician upgrade your electrical panel and installing more outlets.

Have motion-sensitive lights installed, if you don’t have them already. Apply a fresh coat of epoxy paint to the floor to make it easier to clean. Add weatherstripping to your garage door to prevent drafts and make sure it’s working properly. Make sure your garage has adequate ventilation and install a carbon monoxide detector. Install a walk-through door as a separate entrance so you don’t have to open and shut your garage door every time you enter.

Transform an Unused Garage into a Functional Space

If you have a garage that you rarely use, one of the best landscape design ideas is to transform it into another functional space you can enjoy. Your garage can be more than just a place for parking your car and storing junk you can’t fit in your house. There are numerous possibilities you can do, depending on your interests and budget. You can turn the space into a home office, gym, kid’s playroom, art studio, or rentable apartment. Transform it into an outdoor pavilion complete with a large dining table for entertaining guests.

If you love fixing things, you can turn your garage into a workshop. If you don’t have a basement, you can use your garage to create the ultimate man cave. If you love to garden, make the garage a little workshop where you can store supplies and tend to flowers and plants. A garage is also a great place where you can focus on your favorite hobby. Think about what needs you may have and transform the garage into a more functional space.

best landscape design ideas

Landscaping Plans

To improve the value of your home, you may want to draw up plans with the best landscape design ideas specifically for your yard. You can find many great ideas online for residential landscaping that will greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal. To create landscaping plans for your yard, decide on a focal point to draw the most attention, and build other elements around. This focal point could be a large tree, pool, sculpture, water fountain, or gazebo. Consider what plants or other elements would best complement this focal point.

Take into consideration what parts of your yard get the most sun and the most shade. Use drafting software or paper to sketch out your best landscape design ideas to determine how you can maximize the space. You’ll want flower beds, vegetable gardens, and pools where there is the most sun, but you’ll want outdoor furniture and hardscape elements in the shade. Consider how you will care for and maintain these landscaping elements. For example, you may want to hire an organic lawn care company if you’re concerned about chemicals seeping into your soil.

Redoing Your Garden

Sprucing up your garden is one of the best landscape design ideas you can do for your property. Before you start redoing your garden, make sure you have all the landscaping supplies you’ll need. Prep and aerate the soil and remove weeds. Install chicken wire around your garden to keep out critters. You may want to use raised garden beds to give more depth to your backyard. Consider what vegetables and flowers work best for your region and provide the most color.

Consider other landscaping elements that can accentuate your backyard garden. For example, you can create a family dining area next to it with a picnic table. Stone pavers can create a beautiful pathway for navigating through the various elements in your backyard. Heated outdoor furniture and a fire pit on a shady patio or covered porch can be the best landscape design ideas for entertaining guests on chilly nights. Rock ponds and water fountains can deliver a relaxing atmosphere for spending time outdoors.

best landscape design ideas

Adding Outdoor Electronics

Another one of the best landscape design ideas you may want to consider for your property is adding outdoor electronics. You may want to have a sound system and speakers outside to enjoy your favorite music. Many people love to have TVs and appliances on their porch or deck. Having outdoor power can help you work from home on your computer outdoors or make using power equipment easier. To have outdoor power, it may require some home exterior renovation.

You will need a licensed electrician to upgrade your electrical panel and add outlets to the exterior of your home. A new wiring cable with an electrical feedthrough needs to be installed to have the power you want. Before you hire the electrician, determine what electronics you would like to have outdoors and where you will be using them. Planning ahead of time helps you avoid not having power where you need and resorting to extension cords. The electrician can also help you create a plan to have outdoor electronics directly where you want them.

Make Your Yard Pet-Friendly

If you have a pet, you consider them to be one of your family members. Why not use the best landscape design ideas to make the yard more enjoyable for them as well? You can enjoy pet-friendly amenities with them. A small pond or splash fountain gives them plenty of access to freshwater and can be relaxing for you. Keep all of your family members including your pet safe with fencing that matches the landscape of your yard.

Plant a few trees to create shady spots in your yard to prevent your pet from overheating. Check with your vet about plants and other landscaping materials that may be toxic to your pet prior to making any upgrades. Choose landscaping materials that are softer on their paws, like artificial turf and mulch. Create a fun play area your pet can enjoy and burn off any excess energy. Use hardscaping and plants to create tunnels and obstacles for your pet to navigate.

best landscape design ideas

Tackle Quick Fixes

When considering the best landscape design ideas, it’s easy to overlook small things that can make a big difference. Minor flaws in your landscaping can create a negative impact in your home’s curb appeal. These flaws can be things like cracks in the driveway or sidewalks, dirty siding, and patches of dead grass. Take a walk around your home and create a list of any minor things that may need repair. Inspect the siding for signs of damage or gaps and cracks along the foundation.

Clean up any yard debris and prune flowers and plants. Trim trees and shrubbery around your home to create a well-manicured look. Inspect screens on windows and doors for any rips or tears. If you notice any areas that pool stagnant water, you may want to get your lawn graded to prevent flood damage. Clear out debris from gutters and power wash your home, deck, and driveway.

Hide or Blend Unsightly Features

There are certain things around your property that are essential but not very pleasing to the eye. These items include things like trash cans and air conditioning units that don’t provide much value in curb appeal. The best landscape design ideas for dealing with these unsightly features involve hiding or blending them into the landscape. There are many creative ways you can go about doing this. One way is to use wood paneling that you can paint to match your siding.

You can use the wood paneling to create an enclosure around them that blocks them from being viewed by guests as they enter your property. Use shrubs to minimize the visibility of electrical boxes and meters. You can also help conceal them by painting the meters and boxes the same color as your home. Use decorative mounts to house garden hoses. Cover pipes, septic tank covers, and irrigation equipment with large, hollow rocks.

Create a Welcoming Environment at Your Front Door

Another one of the best landscape design ideas for your property is to use your front door as a focal point from the street. By creating a powerful welcoming environment, visitors may not notice minor issues in the rest of your landscape. Use plants, paving, and fencing that beckons guests right to the front door. A brick pathway lined with Grecian urns or a cobblestone path with silvery dusty miller plants alongside it can be enticing. If your yard is sloped, you can use landscaping steps or a multi-level deck to make access to your home easier.

You can also draw attention to your front door by painting it a bold color that complements the rest of the exterior. Accentuate the door with gorgeous lighting fixtures and other welcoming decor pieces. Upgrade the address numbers on the side of your home to a more modern and visible design.

Upgrade Your Roof

Your roof can have a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. When it comes to the best landscape design ideas, installing an aesthetically pleasing roof may be at the top of your list. There are many types of roofing materials in a wide range of colors. The type of roof you choose will depend on the climate in your region and your overall household budget. You may want to consult with a licensed roofing professional in your area to help you determine the best choice for you.

If you can’t afford to upgrade your home with a new roof, make sure that it’s in good repair. Your roof should be inspected at least once a year for damaged or missing shingles and water damage. You can inspect the roof yourself, but it’s best to have a professional do it. Make sure to check around chimneys and other openings for signs of cracks or mildew growth. Making the necessary repairs will make your roof more visually appealing and enhance the rest of your landscape.

By using these tips for the best landscape design ideas, you can vastly improve the curb appeal of your home. Use these tips to help you upgrade your garage and yard. Not only can you be the envy of the neighborhood, but your home will be more valuable if you decide to sell. Upgrading your home can also make you more excited to come home each day. Create the landscaping of your dreams by starting one of these projects today!

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