Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be a hugely exciting time in just about anyone’s life. After all, it’s when you’ll pledge your love to another human being and pledge to remain with them until you both pass from this world – and even beyond it, depending on what your personal beliefs are. But as exciting and joyous as planning a wedding can very much be, it can also be a period of considerable stress as well, as more than half of all brides (more than even 60% of them, for that matter) feel a good deal of pressure to make their wedding as perfect as possible.

For many people, cost tends to be a driving factor behind the stress that they ultimately feel. Cost can, after all, make or break what you are able to offer at your wedding – and whether you are able to have the wedding of your dreams. And there is certainly no doubting the fact that weddings can be quite enormously expensive indeed. After all, the average wedding reception alone will cost more than $10,000 on average – and sometimes well over this amount. With very nearly two and a half million weddings taking place over the course of just one year here in the United States alone – exceeding 44,000 such events with each and every weekend that passes by – there is no doubt about it that the wedding business and the wedding industry as a whole is quite the booming one indeed.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce costs dramatically. One way that this can be done is through cutting down your guest list and the number of people who will ultimately be in attendance. While the average wedding held here in the United States will have around 136 total guests in attendance, this does not necessarily have to be the case for every single wedding out there.

Renting your decor is one other great way to save money. From table settings to burlap napkins to the lighting that is used, it is all too easy for the cost of decor to add up. Even enough metal tablecloth clips or table linen hangers can all too easily begin to add up. Fortunately, things like burlap napkins and other such elements of decor and set up are usually able to be rented.

It only makes sense that you would be able to rent these things, after all. For instance, most people will just not have any practical use for things like burlap napkins and the like once the wedding is over. For while burlap napkins can be the perfect addition to any wedding, burlap napkins might not always have a place in everyday life, to say the very least. And if you’re not looking to pay for the real deal, faux burlap napkins can do the job. And faux burlap napkins can often look just as high quality as your traditional burlap napkins, making faux burlap napkins a great choice for many a wedding that is trying to stay on budget.

Renting a wedding tent is just yet another wedding investment to be made. Aside from burlap napkins and fitted tablecloth covers, the average wedding hosted in an outdoor space might very much be in need of something like a wedding tent rental. After all, the wedding is not something that can be controlled, and the wedding tent rental allows it to continue on, rain or shine. Ultimately, the wedding tent rental, even if the weather is quite perfect indeed come the day of the wedding, is more than worth purchasing, just in the case of disaster.

And renting a wedding tent is, of course, likely to be the far more cost effective option. Most people will only, like in the case of the burlap napkins, be using the wedding tent for the actual event of the wedding. Therefore, renting is far better than buying. If you rent instead of buy, you’ll be able to save money and then avoid having to deal with the wedding tent much past the end of the actual wedding. If you plan on using the tent multiple times throughout the year, you might consider buying it as an investment.

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