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The Top Three Shocking Shopping Statistics You Might Not Have Known About

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It is often said that the United States is a consumer culture, but how much do you really know about that culture? Here are three statistics about American shoppers that may surprise you:

1. People Spend a Lot of Money

How much time do you think people spend in the mall? How much money? You may be surprised to hear that the typical mall shopper spend about eighty minutes and almost as many dollars in the mall in each visit. Does it seem excessive for people to spend almost a dollar a minute for as much time as they spend in a mall? If it does, it might also seem strange that…

2. Women Spend Almost as Much Time Not Spending Money

Studies have shown that each woman spends almost forty nine hours each year window shopping or, to put it another way, more than two days of each year just considering sales without actually buying anything. That’s a lot of collective man (or woman) hours going to waste looking at womens shoes and womens boots sales. It may lead to a more informed consumer class, or perhaps it is just an exercise in self control? Every minute spent window shopping is a minute spent not purchasing things like ladies bedroom slippers. In any event, that self control to stay away from the ladies bedroom slippers certainly isn’t complete, because…

3. Women Specifically Spend a Lot of Time in the Store

Studies have shown that, when it is all added up, women spend about three years of their life shopping around. That is a huge amount more than is spent window shopping, so perhaps shoppers could benefit from a little more time put toward considering each purchase before going through with it. What do you think about today’s consumer culture? More can be found here:

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