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Earrings Through the Decades

Are you a lover of earrings? Perhaps you own a collection you’re proud of and enjoy matching your earrings to your outfits. As an enthusiast, you may know everything there is to know about these pieces of jewelry already. Or perhaps you only know about the functional side of them.

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No matter you far your expertise extends, there is always room to learn more. In this video, you will get to learn about the trends in earrings as they changed throughout the last 100 years. With this information, you will better understand where your styles come from and how they have changed.

The video will show you the typical earrings worn by women starting in the 1920s. As the video progresses through the years, you will get to see the style change over time into the kind you are familiar with today. You will also get an explanation for the style at each decade as well as where any influence may have come from.


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