CharmsVille Home Adding Curb Appeal To a Ranch Style Home: 8 Tips for You

Adding Curb Appeal To a Ranch Style Home: 8 Tips for You

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that people see when they visit you. Therefore, you should make a few improvements to make your home look its best. Let’s examine a few ways you can go about adding curb appeal to a ranch style home.

Why Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

There are many reasons why you should enhance the curb appeal of your home. The good thing is that some of them are not costly, yet they can completely change how your home looks like. If you have just gone through a divorce, you may feel that you want to make a few changes to your home. After dealing with your ex and a divorce attorney for some time, you probably feel you want to put your old life past you. What better way than changing your home’s exterior!

For some, even painting or planting gardens can be therapeutic. Another reason to be adding curb appeal to a ranch style home is if you have disposable income. Homeowners who find themselves with extra income may decide to use that money on home improvements. You will find other people adding curb appeal to a ranch style home because they want to increase the value of their property. Whatever your reason is, enhancing your curb appeal does not have to be costly. New roofs and power washes to the exterior of your home are some examples of things you can install and do to improve how your home looks.

Obtain Roof Repairs

A roof is also essential in adding curb appeal to a ranch style home. It is a contributing factor to the overall attractiveness of a home. However, apart from being an attractive element, it is also necessary to protect you from harsh weather conditions. You can either call a roofing company or inspect the roof yourself. A roofing contractor will advise you on the amount of roof repairs needed depending on the damage. If there are a couple of weak spots, perhaps from a windstorm or a falling branch, then a roof repair is in order.

However, if the roof is worn out and leaking, a roofing contractor may need to replace the roof sooner instead. Issues of rot and mold are common, especially if the attic is not well ventilated. The roofer will have to replace vents to stabilize air temperature between the roof and the attic. You will find that a contractor from a roofing company will advise you to properly maintain your roof if you want it to last you a long time. Simple tasks like often cleaning off any debris, dirt, and leaves can go a long way in increasing the lifespan of your roof. Not only are you protecting the roof, but you are also protecting other home features like the siding, gutters, and walls.

Add a Patio with Cozy Seating and Hanging Plants

Just like there are several options for straight teeth, there are several ways to build and decorate your patio into something great. If you incorporate the right pieces into your patio, with proper planning, you may end up spending less but with an attractive look. Start by choosing the right furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Since patio furniture is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, so ensure that the fabric is of good quality and will not fade or tear after a short time. You should also consider adding some lightweight pieces that can easily be moved if the need be. Lighting is also crucial when it comes to adding some coziness to your patio. You will want to continue enjoying it even after the sun has set.

Most people use string lights draped across the patio for that warm look. Plus, they are also easy to install and move. Add some floor lanterns to enhance the overall appearance. You should also add some hanging potted plants. They are decorative as well as softening any open sides of your patio. You can constantly rotate the plants depending on the season. A fire feature also creates a cozy atmosphere, mainly when you have gathered there with friends. Therefore, consider incorporating a fire pit somewhere in the middle. You can even involve a designer in your plans to get a patio design that suits your home style.

Build a Bench for Your Front Yard

When building a bench for your front yard, you will want to put some thought into it rather than just placing a bench in the yard. See whether there is a view you would like to see when you sit on the bench. It does not have to be grand like a mountain or a lake unless it’s there. Think of what you would like to gaze at. It could be something as simple as your garden. If it gets really hot where you stay, having the bench under a tree would come in handy. There is a variety of styles and materials that you can use for your bench. You can even DIY your bench rather than buying one. If nature is your thing, repurpose an old fallen tree by cutting two logs and using them to support a bench instead of the usual legs.

You can also consider a cinderblock bench, as it is unique and inexpensive. When building a bench, consider underfoot surface material. If you were planning on placing it on a somewhat rough and uneven surface, then metal benches are out of the question. Something else to note is the measurement. A front yard bench is neither too big nor small. Something small that can accommodate around three or four people will do.

Plant Flowers

If you are looking into adding curb appeal to a ranch style home, then consider planting some flowers both into your garden and some pots. Having flowers around your home is beneficial to your mental health and your physical health. If you’ve recently been to a rehabilitation service for a hurt arm or leg, gardening is a great activity that offers moderate movements and exercises. Furthermore, gardening has been proven to be therapeutic; therefore, do not be afraid to get those hands dirty. Before you start planting any flowers, ensure that you get the right type that will thrive in that soil. You could always ask any gardener around you or talk to a person selling plants.

Pick a location where your plants will get enough sunlight. The spot should be getting at least six hours of direct sun in a day. After you have secured the spot, dig the soil a little bit. Your flowers will do well in healthy soil that is well-drained and loose. Once you have planted the flowers, you will need to water them from time to time; ideally, water them deeply but less frequently so that the roots grow deeper. Add a layer of mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil, too.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Front Door

A door also goes a long way in adding curb appeal to a ranch style home. It gives people an impression about you and you have so many alternatives to choose from. You can always browse home magazines and explore ideas that can fit your home. However, do not be afraid to experiment with bright colors in your decor. Besides, painting your door a bright color is a small commitment compared to the entire house, and you can easily change it if you do not like the results. Try bold colors like yellow, orange, or lime green, making a statement on your front door. If you are not feeling too bold, there are darker hues like forest green, burgundy, and eggplant that you can try.

Something else when it comes to picking paint for adding curb appeal to a ranch style home, choose the right paint. Your door is exposed to different elements outside, and if you do not use the right paint, it may end up fading or peeling later. Go for friendly exterior paints that hide flaws. As you paint your door, factor in the surroundings. When you use natural colors like green, brown and blue, they make your house feel part of the landscape.

Purchase a New Personalized Mailbox

Another way to adding curb appeal to a ranch style home is by adding a personalized mailbox. You do not have to settle for the usual simple mailbox that only serves the functionality purpose. Go ahead and spruce it up by having it customized. Have the family name engraved on your mailbox, making it personal. If you want your mailbox to look like an extension of your garden, then perch it on top of a wooden trellis. Underneath it, plant some climbers that grow fast, and in no time, you have your beautiful display making your home more appealing.

You can add an extra touch by filling the bed with woodchips and stones to make it more polished. Simple details like using flower pots on either side of your mailbox will generally enhance the curb appeal of your home. You can also shake things up a bit by using a house-style mailbox rather than the usual style all your neighbors are using. If you involve your family, especially the kids, in this project, your mailbox can become a source of joy each time you enter your home.

Consider the Best Environmentally-Friendly Options

While adding curb appeal to a ranch style home, you may want to consider environmentally-friendly options. When adding a wood deck, use reclaimed or recycled wood from another building. Look for lumber yard suppliers as they often have a large selection of recycled timber for outdoor projects. When it comes to lighting fixtures, replace them with energy-efficient ones. Consider using LED lights for your walkway, entryways, and any landscaping around your home. Consider site remediation before spending tons of money buying soil, mulch, and other landscaping groundcovers.

You can have a professional come to survey your site to determine its state. If the area has pollutants that make it hard for plants to grow well, they can remove the contamination and bring back life to your yard. Install reclaimed water solutions such as a drainage system collecting rainwater from the roof and directing it to your lawn. You can even hire a landscaper or a sustainability specialist to help you out. If you have a children’s play area outside, you should decorate it with eco-friendly materials. Recycle rubber tires and other materials rather than the traditional wood mulch. Most homeowners who use eco-friendly options for their homes also consider ESG investing because they are keen on protecting the environment.

Want to Treat Yourself? Show Off a New Car in Your Driveway

You can also treat yourself with a new car while at the same time adding curb appeal to a ranch style home. If you’d like to buy a car, you can opt to work with a vehicle financing company to get the best deal possible. It works the same as a bank where they lend you money to purchase a car, and then you pay in installments. Before taking the loan, shop around and see the loan terms of several financing companies, choosing the best. You should make sure that your income can service the loans as well as other house expenses without straining.

On top of that, do not secure a car loan against your home. It is not wise to put your home at risk. Before getting that car, look to a financial planning service for sound financial advice. While other people prefer to do financial planning on their own, it can be stressful and frustrating at times. A financial planner helps you create a plan after looking at all aspects of your financial life. After that, they will give you a budget for the car you can afford. You may even enlist their services before you go about adding curb appeal to a ranch style home and spending money on updates throughout your home and property.

Adding curb appeal to a ranch style home can be done in a few days with the proper planning. Prioritize significant improvements that will make a difference in your home’s exterior. It is essential to also get contractors for technical improvements to get better results.

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