CharmsVille Archery gear,Rock climbing gear,Scuba diving clearwater fl Need To Exercise More? Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out Which Outdoor Activity Suits You Best

Need To Exercise More? Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out Which Outdoor Activity Suits You Best

Let’s face it…you’re a little overdue for learning a new sport.

You’re starting to realize you could use more exercise in your day-to-day life. You also want a touch more adventure in your humdrum workweek. Luckily for you, your nearby sports store is filled to the brim with adventure gear and beginner equipment to get you started on the path to fitness. …Which one should you choose, though? There are hundreds of interesting hobbies out there, all with their own unique appeal, and you only have so much time in the day! Instead of quitting before you’re ahead, consider looking below.

Complete this simple personality test by answering these questions. Your better lifestyle is just around the corner!

Do You Like To Spend Time With People?

Here’s a good place to start. If you’re the kind of person who’s been wanting to spend more time with friends and family, camping is a wonderful supplement to your month. A camping study recently determined 70% of all trips are taken with friends. What better way to kick back and relax than with good food and good company, after all? Public campgrounds have also been seeing a surge in activity, straddling that happy balance between nature and home, and a recent survey saw nearly 80% of respondents frequenting a campsite of some sort.

Are You In Need Of A Mental Health Boost?

Let’s say you’re more interested in cultivating your mental health. You’ve been feeling pretty stressed out lately and it’s starting to affect your ability to sleep, eat and enjoy your hobbies. A trip to the sports store for some fishing tackle could be just what the doctor ordered. Fishing is a fantastic hobby that encourages patience, attentiveness and a deep appreciation for nature. It’s just relaxing enough to slow down your heartrate, but involving enough to capture your attention. Snagging a big fish for dinner is, of course, just icing on the cake!

Do You Enjoy A High Learning Curve?

Perhaps you’re the kind of person that wants to really be challenged. Fishing and camping is nice and all, but you’re eager to cut your teeth on something really intensive. Archery is the one for you. This old-fashioned sport has seen a revival over the past few decades, able to be learned in a matter of days and with a high enough learning curve to keep you coming back for more. Not only will you sharpen your eye, you’ll sharpen your physique. The stress of firing a bow leads to muscle development in nearly all muscle groups, including the shoulders, chest and back.

Are You A Huge Fan Of Nature?

Another reason to venture out to the sports store is to give yourself the equipment needed to enjoy nature at its best. It never hurts to be too prepared! Bouldering gear will ensure you’re not dealing with scrapes or blisters as you clamber from rock to rock. Hiking and rock climbing are among the most popular activities done by campers today, though diving is starting to inch higher on the list due to a collective desire to beat the heat. You can enjoy local wildlife, explore the ocean floor and truly add some spice to your routine. It’s important to remember that divers can face a non-criminal violation and a small fine for not following local dive flag laws!

Do You Want To Build More Muscle?

Last, but not least…what if you just want to get fit? All of the sports mentioned above are great for building physical endurance or mental wellness. Rollerblading, however, is a classic staple that can give you a way to travel and burn calories. The American Heart Association recently included rollerblading on the list of sports that enhance the cardiovascular system. It works by regulating blood circulation and heart rate, encouraging steady flow and leaving you feeling happy, alert and relaxed. Considering heart disease is the leading health issue in the country, this is certainly not a bad motivator.

Whether you’re eager to see some wildlife or want to improve your heart health, your local sports store has you covered. Which hobby will you learn this year?

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