How to use Table Linens to Match Your Theme

When planning a wedding, a party, or any type of important gathering, it is very important to select table linens that can match the theme of your event. This includes selecting tables linens, fitted tablecloth covers, table skirt hanger, and napkins that match and accentuate the style you are trying to display with your theme. This article will discuss three ways table linens can be used to match the theme of your event.

  • Choosing the Right Fabric Type to Match Your Style: Choosing the correct fabric style can make all the difference in setting the theme of your gathering. In recent years, the rustic style has seen a great rise in popularity. For example, rustic weddings are increasingly popular. To match this theme, the table skirt hanger and other table linens could be made of rustic-like fabrics like burlap or faux burlap, which appear rough to the eye, but are actually smooth and soft to the touch. For a more elegant theme, especially if it is for a wedding, the table skirt hanger could be made of faux white silk to create the appropriate look.
  • Making Use of Color: In the same way that the type of fabric can be used to match the theme of your gathering, fabric color can also be utilized in the same way. For example, specific color palettes can be used for different types of gatherings. Weddings traditionally make use of white and soft pastel colors, though this has been changing in recent years depending on the couple getting married and their personal tastes. An autumnal theme would use red, orange, and yellow fabrics for the table linens, while holiday gatherings would use more red and green. Using the right colors can absolutely help the table linens match the theme of your gathering.
  • Design: Table linens, particularly napkins, can be used in specific designs to help match the theme of your gathering. The easiest way to do this is to arrange the napkins in ornate designs. For instance, napkins can be folded to look like flowers or other intricate shapes. Design can also be utilized with table skirt hangers. While they normally hang loose around the table, they can be pulled up and knotted into patterns. This can also be used to match the theme of your gathering.
  • In conclusion, there are many ways table linens can be utilized to match the theme of your event. Three ways include choosing the right fabric type, making use of color, and using design for different table linens. All of these allow table linens to match the theme of your gathering.

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