Other than ensuring that your pants are held in place, a belt can speak volumes about your sense of style as well as your complete disregard of common judgment. Choosing the right belt is therefore not just a matter of being practical but also says something about your taste too. There is always a belt to match with your type of style. Unfortunately, this aspect of matching belts and occasions are an afterthought to many people especially if the belt is visible. A mismatched belt has a way of drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. It can be because it is of the wrong size, or you are wearing a full grain leather belt with summer T-shirt. Whatever fashion crime it is that you have committed in the past, below is a guide on how to choose the right belt.

How to Pick Your Belt
In menswear, belts are probably some of the few items that you need to save a lot before buying a quality item. You don’t need to stock a lot of different belt brands and designs for you to look fashionable. Just invest in a few high quality brands that will keep you going. The quality of the belt is dependent on the material used to make it. This means that for spoilt for choice, go hell for leather. A full grain leather belt is resistant and not stretch. A good leather belt can serve you for a long period of time and can be used for different occasions and you still look fashionable. Before selecting your preferred design and brand, look at your feet. Take into account the type of shoes that you commonly wear and try to match these with the belt. If you are into a more official look, a full grain leather belt will work perfectly for you. If you always find yourself into casual wear, go for reversible belts and try to limit your collection of premium leather belts.

When to Wear Each Type
When it comes to mens belts, there are times that the belts will be covered hence the reason why some people might not give much thought to the kind of belt they are wearing. However, every look should be complemented by certain accessories-and we know that in the mens fashion world, they are not so many. A casual leather belt is an amazing way of striking a separate look when you don’t want to look so official or too casual. While at the office or in a meeting, a full grain leather belt will make you a cut above the rest. There are also common woven and fabric belts that can be worn in different types of occasions. These are mostly casual wear. Something to put on your walk to the beach or a summer outing.

Dos and Donts When Choosing a Belt
In mens fashion, colors are the common features that can either make or break your style. With a few exceptions, avoid bold colors and stick to the ones that show some versatility in your personality and fashion sense. There are certain colors that can easily send the rest of your outfit into a complete meltdown. When choosing a belt, even belt designers understand the kind of colors that would complement almost any male outfit. Most belts are found in brown, black or tan colors. Since belts are not commonly purchased, make sure you are aware of your belt size to ease the process of buying the same online. To have a more subtle look, don’t go for a large buckle detail. If you are into belt buckles, make sure you match these to a fashion accessory such as your watch or cufflinks.

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